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Black + Gold Bathroom

Would you dare to go black in your bathroom? Well, this client did and it was worth every ounce of courage to do so. Let’s start with the before and after….

bathroom design ideas

Combining the home's traditional values with the contemporary style of my client, I blended copper, gold and brassy tones with bespoke units finished in Little Greene’s Jack Black. The client also wanted something striking on the back wall and they originally opted for a very pale pink but after a few conversations, I recommended this opulent Zoffany wallpaper which they immediately fell in love with.

black bathroom

The brassware. It had to be Axor. It had to be Starck. It had to be the Organic. These taps have a unique style of usability too by using the nose of the tap to control the flow, it feels like you’re drawing the water out yourself. Even though every part of this space is it’s own feature, they all work seamlessly together and create an amazing space.

black shower

The shower was also something of a hidden gem. Using the Majestic Portofino shower in a matt black finish, it brought the whole space together. With a classic monochrome style here as well, Corian’s Designer White was the perfect material to balance the style and low maintenance which every space should have.

black bathroom cabinets

It’s been such a pleasure to work with the clients on this project and they left an outstanding review for me on Facebook.

“We are thrilled with our new bathroom which was designed and installed by Joel and his team. Joel gives 100% to his work, is approachable and professional. We can’t wait to be working with him again in the new year”.


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