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Boiling Point With K+G

As you may or may not be aware, I have been working quite closely with Helen & Gra from K+G Curated Space. An amazing duo of creatives who have just finished their own kitchen renovation.

With the ongoing debate always out about boiling taps or kettles, Helen was kind enough to write a blog on her journey when picking a new kettle for their kitchen. Below, you can read all about her experience and what gems she came across.

“There is nothing more frustrating than knowing what you want but not being able to find it! This was my experience when looking for a kettle for our new kitchen.

When you have invested time and money into a space it’s important that the finishing details are on point. This doesn’t always mean spending a fortune. Pretty much all the furniture in our house is vintage or second hand.

The problem sometimes is that there is far too much choice.

Initially I casually looked around supermarkets in the hope that something would catch my eye but it didn’t and our lime scaled silver kettle looked way out of place, so I took to the Internet. There were some good offerings and great price points in Curry’s and Wilkinson’s but they just weren’t right.

To paint a picture of our space, we have low level dark units that run along one wall with Calcutta quartz worktop and matching high splash backs. All our door furniture is brass and so is the worktop on our central island therefore chrome and silver were out.

K+G Curated Space Leicester

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for mixing materials but in this instance it wouldn’t work. This really narrowed it down. I began searching. I started with the obvious choices, John Lewis, Dunelm, Wayfair.

Nice Kettles

There are a some lovely copper and rose gold kettles with matching appliances. Again not right for us. Trying to work out the quality and finish can be difficult online and I highly recommend finding a store with it in stock. Plastic can look metal and metal look plastic. Using metal finishes as a highlight in a scheme can look great. I quite liked ......

best kettles From left to right

I even considered a pop of colour and came across this!

coloured Kettles Haden Jersey - Wayfair

I soon decided that gold or brass finishes were out. Trying to match or find complementing styles was tricky. Equally I felt we already had enough brass and I didn’t want to detract from our work surface and up-stands.

I didn’t want anything too fussy as I wanted to be able to display other items without it feeling too cluttered. Who knew it was going to be this complicated!

I narrowed it down to white, grey or black. Once I had exhausted the usual suspects I started to search direct through google to find the kettle of my dreams (whilst wondering what had my life become). This opened a whole new world of designer kettles. If like me you don’t want run of the mill then have a look at Stelton design.

Stelton Design

You can find stockist through Trouva which is a great place to find some real gems for your kitchen. After a few weeks of pouring over kettles and debating how much I was prepared to spend on a kettle this was my final choice.

This white kettle by Stelton was a close second but I was just not comfortable with spending that kind of money on a kettle. That’s not to say you shouldn’t!

Stelton emma Stelton - Emma

In the end we opted for a black Stelton design, tall slim and elegant, almost vase like, no metal or fake metal bits, very simplistic and Scandi.

all black kettle Stelton - EM77

It was perfect. The cord is also neatly tucked under the base so it sits pretty. Good luck with your search!”

Thanks for that Helen, personally, I loved the Emma until I saw the EM77 so I think I’m going to need to add that to my Christmas list. Don’t forget, If you want to find out more about K+G, come along to the Living Event at The Old Corah Building in Leicester on Sunday 12th May. Click here to find out more information. Hope to see you there!

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