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What does Brexit mean for my new kitchen?

Buying British: what does Brexit mean for my new kitchen?

With Brexit approaching at a rapid rate of knots, there are naturally concerns that certain products might become more expensive or difficult to obtain, especially if these products are mostly imported.

Many of us are familiar with brands from Europe and further afield when it comes to redesigning our kitchens or homes. But what about the ones we have right on our doorsteps?

Proudly designed and crafted in the UK

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There’s a lot to be said for British brands and I’m proud to use plenty of them in my kitchen designs. To give an example, all our Stript kitchens are manufactured right here in Great Britain. Our cabinets come from Birmingham, painted Doors from Edinburgh and Durham and all JJO kitchens are manufactured in Lancashire.

With the uncertainty of Brexit in the air, British manufacturing will be in the spotlight. By choosing brands manufacturing products right here, you’ll be supporting the British economy – which is essential given how much uncertainty there is at the moment.

Home-grown talent provides flexibility

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Being based in the UK means that there are very few additional costs to take into account when it comes to the price of your kitchen. For Joel LaRosa Design, this means we can adapt and tailor our designs (and ultimately price) to suit the requirements and budget of our customers.

This ability (some might say luxury!) to be flexible also means that we can give our customers a clear idea about when their kitchen will be installed and meeting their deadline if they have one.

Fast results whilst keeping the quality

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As well as the flexibility created by using a British brand or manufacturer, there is less risk of a product being held up with customs as there could be with importing products from abroad. That means little delay in getting your kitchen installed!

How often have you looked online to see that something has sold out or won’t be in stock until a certain date? This risk is greatly reduced by choosing a British manufacturer. They can inform you whether they have something already made and if not, one can be manufactured quickly, keeping the delay to a minimum.

There’s nothing worse than discovering your dream kitchen, within your budget, only to find that it won’t be available for six months. That’s why I, and the other British brands always work quickly with an eye for top quality.

Kitchens designed with care here in the UK

If a new kitchen is on your 2019 bucket list, then Joel LaRosa Design can take care of everything for you; from designing, through to the installation and even finding those little unique touches to make your kitchen, well yours.

Even though we might be heading for uncertain times, you can rely on Joel LaRosa Design to be here for you! Send me a message to arrange a consultation and discuss your needs.

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