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Curated Living

With more of us combining styles, it can sometimes be daunting to know what does or doesn't work. Do you feel like your home is lacking in personality? If you haven’t already heard of it, then curated living is the best way to punch some personality back into your interior space.

littlegreene greys

Image: Little Greene Rubine Ashes

So, what is curated living exactly? Curators can often be found in museums and art galleries, they pull pieces together in a purposeful design so that the customer will have the best experience possible. You can create curated living in your home space by pulling things together in an intentional way. You don’t need to go out and buy loads of new furniture and décor, you can simply use what you have already got or even visit one of those guilty pleasures that is, antique dealers, charity shops and even car boots!

Curating is about reflecting personality. What you already own will show this perfectly, just simply keep what contributes to the home life you want and who you are. By using these objects that make you happy it will encourage mindfulness, make the space your own, and give a sense of feel good about the space you’re living in. For example, introducing a scentful plant into a bathroom like eucalyptus, mint or lavender will be low maintenance and introduce some colour to reflect your style.

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Venture outside of comfort zones

A home is your personal space, but we often have impressing others in the back of our mind when it comes to décor. From now on if you see something that you think “it’s a bit different, but I like it” then get it! If something speaks to you then it is made for your home, have fun and let your personality shine through – make your house a home. For me, I have introduced a little ceramic penguin and tiny brass buddha into my bathroom. The penguin was a gift from a friend and the buddha was a present for my wife. Although you wouldn't usually see these together, they work really well by the colours they hold and reflect who we are.

bathroom shelves


Everything should have its own loving place with a special meaning, if there’s a lot of clutter, it has no meaning or value to your life. By de-cluttering, you will feel like a weight has been lifted and can then concentrate on what makes you happy. Less is always more, remember homes are for living not storing. If you want some fantastic tips and inspiration on how to declutter your home than I strongly recommend you take a read of The Declutter Darling’s blog posts, you’ll have your space organised in no time!

kitchen declutter Image from The Declutter Darlings instagram

Don’t forget functionality

Did you think I would get through a blog without mentioning that I was on TV? No such luck! If you saw me on ‘The Best House in Town’ you will know that I mentioned functionality a lot (If you haven’t seen it then what are you waiting for? Click here to catch up on BBC iPlayer)! Functionality is such an important aspect of your home, having functional space is practical and can support your daily routine, embraces style and makes for easy living.

Final words…

If you want to find out more about curated living then I will be at the K+G Curated Living Event at The Old Corah Building in Leicester on Sunday 12th May. Click here to find out more information. The event is completely free to attend and will be full of useful tips and tricks. This is the perfect opportunity to come along and ask me any questions about curating your home, I look forward to seeing you there!

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