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Getting the most out of a small kitchen space

You don’t necessarily need to have a large space to have a beautiful, decorative and fully functional kitchen. What matters most is maximising the space you have available to its full potential.

There are plenty of creative solutions you can use to make this happen, and here are just a few of our tried and tested tips to get the most out of your small kitchen space.

Drawers not doors

drawer kitchen ideas

Stylish drawers can help you save on space if you don’t have room for large cupboards or clunky wall units. You can store practically anything in drawers, from cutlery to small plates and tea towels.

Opting for drawers over large cupboards also means you can organise your space better. Instead of putting multiple items in front of one another, store them away neatly in separate drawers to really maximise the space you have and how you access them. Plus, they create a stunning, chic design which can be used along with any colour scheme or design.

Small tables for a cosy place to eat

small kitchen tables

You might think that your kitchen simply doesn’t have the space for a large table. Think again! Folding tables are both practical and can be easily stowed away when you don’t need them, meaning you can open up your kitchen to its full size. I love a vintage piece of furniture so bringing in grandma’s old Schrieber is a great way to achieve this.

For that sophisticated and stylish look, consider installing a breakfast bar which can double-up as a place to eat and another storage place – you can keep what you don’t use often in boxes underneath or in reduced depth cupboards to really utilise your space.

Maximising the minimalist scheme

clever kitchen ideas

Heavy-looking handles and dark surfaces can result in your kitchen appearing cluttered and overwhelming. By stripping back shelves, keeping worktops clear, and using lighter colours, even the smallest kitchens can appear open and inviting.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be creative; small shelving just above your counter can be an ideal place to store plates or recipe books, and you can even make the most out of your wall space by installing racks, pegs, or a magnetic strip for knives and other utensils.

Use the wall space from top to bottom

tall kitchen units

Not only do larder, broom or tall appliance housings units allow for easy reach, they mean that you can use every inch (literally!) of the space available to you. Whether you need a simple place to store pans, chopping boards or ingredients, floor-to-ceiling cabinets are incredibly versatile and fit in with any design.

Using a ceiling bulkhead or filler painted in the same colour as these cupboards will blend these units into the wall to create a simple yet effective feature and there’s no dusty tops to clean as you would have with wall-mounted cabinets. This means that you keep your kitchen sparking clean without the need to become a contortionist!

Design the kitchen perfect for your space

Your kitchen should be the beating heart of your home, no matter how large or small your space is. If you’d like to find out how else you can get the most out of yours, speak to the team at Joel LaRosa Design and let’s build your dream kitchen.

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