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Kitchen Decluttering With The Declutter Darling

For those of you who don't know, we're working with 'The Declutter Darling' on her and her families new kitchen. A fantastic professional organiser who's passionate about restoring order in your homes.

Over the next few weeks, we're going to be working on her space and she's been kind enough to write a blog on how to declutter your kitchen and a few top tips to make the most of your new space.

Kitchen Decluttering With The Declutter Darling

"So, I’m in the process of having my kitchen ripped out and a new one is on its way!

Obviously Im used to decluttering and organising many of my clients’ kitchens, but this week has been my turn.

Along with Mr Darling, I have gone through EVERY cupboard and drawer and emptied it to ensure there is not a speck of cutlery, plate, saucepan lid or tin of beans left.

Going through this process is hard and it has really helped me that my kitchen has been clutter free.

If any of you are about to embark on a similar journey, I thought it would be useful to share of few of my top tips on decluttering a kitchen.

I’d absolutely suggest that if you are hauling everything out of your kitchen for a renovation, that you tackle decluttering ATLEAST 2 weeks before. it’s a big task and if you are not used to decluttering, it can seem VERY daunting and may take more than one session!

1. You’ve got to make a mess!

kitchen decluttering

As soon as I go into any clients kitchen to organise, the first thing I will do is empty every single cupboard.

Yes you heard me! Every. Single. Cupboard.

This helps me to understand the space that Im working with and the size of cupboards etc.

I mainly will utilise a dining table or kitchen island. But if your kitchen does not have one - the floor will do absolutely fine! (TOP TIP: Please do make sure your floor is clean beforehand, preferably lay out a clean sheet/towels etc to place items on!)

2. Categorise

kitchen decluttering

Once everything is out of the cupboards, I’ll start to categorise items.

Initially, this will be food. (As I don’t know about you - but this is the majority of what I have in my cupboards - what can I say - Im a foodie!!)

I group food groups together, such as tins, pasta and rice, drinks, use by food such as bread, medicines, spices and herbs, oils etc. You get the picture!

Again, this is the same for baking and cooking items, pans, plates, cups etc. Having everything placed together, it can really show you just how many of the same item you have. (Like, do you REALLY need 5 vegetable peelers?!)

3. Use by dates

kitchen decluttering

This is the part that can take a reeeaaaalllly long time! (But it’s so worth it!)

You’ll need to look at every single food item and check what the use by date is. Some items will be obvious, but there will always be that stray tin of mushrooms you put in your cupboard for a rainy day with a use by date of 2002!

Spices and herbs seem to be the worst culprits I’ve found!

4. Sorting

kitchen decluttering

This is the tricky part, and seems to take the longest.

Food is the easiest as you will probably have thrown out LOTS of items already.

Other kitchen items will need to be categorised together. This is then a very personal thing to do and it may take you a while to get into the process of understanding what you want/ need/love etc. It is a process! You will need to edit heavily and understand what you use vs. what has been lurking in your cupboards for years!

(My favourite find was an electric meat carver for my vegetarian client!! - obviously that was donated swiftly!!)

Items you no longer want/ need can either be taken to the charity shop (which I advise you do it sooner, rather than later as it could just end up sitting around in your home/car/garage etc!)

For larger items, you can definitely look into selling and making money at the same time! Gumtree, Facebook selling and eBay are great places to start.

5. Storage

Please, please do not buy storage until you have fully decluttered and understood your space and what you are working with!

There are sooooo many amazing options out there and to suit all sorts of budgets too.

My absolute favourites are Wilko and B&M - they have great small storage baskets starting at £1, as well as clear trays to store smaller items in. one of my favourite pieces is the shelf stacker by Lakeland. it means you can add more stacking life to your shelves.

kitchen decluttering

Obviously this isn’t rocket science but I hope that this gives you a good starting point to tackle your kitchen and turn it into the organised haven you’ve always desired!!

Happy Decluttering!

DD xx"

A big thanks to Rachel for her amazing tips, makes me feel like I need to get my own kitchen re-arranged now!

To find out more, you can visit 'The Declutter Darling' or go straight to her instagram here.

And don't forget, if you're looking to declutter your kitchen in and out, Why not get in touch with us to help make your kitchen as beautiful on the outside, as it can be on the inside. Contact us here

images courtesy of The Declutter Darling

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