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Office space renovation - Part 2

Last week,I shared with you part 1 of this project, and today I’m going to talk about part 2.

In this post I’m sharing with you the design ideas and completed project of the men's toilets, reception areas and flooring.

CFE bathrooms


When creating this space I had free reign for it to be modern, deep and masculine but with touches to sympathise with the buildings character. One of the starting points was the walls. I couldn’t help myself and wanted to make a half height statement around the room and we used the Farrow & Ball Hague Blue to do this. Incorporating half the door and skirting into this was the perfect option.

industrial bathroom design

The clients had recently installed some office pods in their space and I loved the Anglepoise lights they used. I suggested using these over the mens mirror as they would be a real feature in the space. There was a challenge to overcome and that was a question of what to do with the cabling. We came up with the idea to hide it in copper pipework and it looks great.

anglepoise bathroom light

We discussed feature products like the brassware and radiator in here from The Cast Iron Radiator Centre in black and this idea had a great response. The floor also was something that was an instant yes; by using the Harvey Maria Neisha Crosland range, this complemented the space perfectly. Here we used the Check Slate set to a 45° which gave the space informality and a the feel it was always there.

checkered floor bathroom


I admit, I won’t take credit for these spaces as the majority of the products were picked by the clients. They have two seperate areas, one which we called ‘The Main Reception’ and the other is now known as the ‘Staff Serenity Space’.

living room ideas

Above, you can see the main reception layout and pulling in the deep denim blue high backed sofa with the subtle blush chairs was a great piece for their clients and team to come into. As you can see on the reception coffee table, we used one of the singers out of the ladies basin units to reflect the overall feel of the renovations.

Yellow Sofa Leather Chairs

Here you can see the feature wall in Paint And Paper Library's Squid Ink that makes the luxurious velvet mustard sofa pop out. Mixed with two leather and metal single seaters, this gave a space for the team to take their lunch in a relaxed environment and feel like they’re in their own deli. All the way throughout the project, we spoke about the La Redoute Afaw Rug that had become an icon in its own right (it even has own Instagram account! See it here). Originally sourced for the main reception, it was laid with the furniture here and sat perfectly.


THE FLOORS Finally, we had over 350 square meters of floor to contend with. 100 of these were in the staff serenity space, kitchen and meeting area with the other 250 being the main office floor. The only materials right for the job were; an LVT for the comunale spaces and carpet tiles for the working space. The client had visited one of their favorite deli’s on the outskirts of Leicestershire called Bowden Stores (if you haven’t been, go!) and fell in love with their flooring. I contacted the store, had pictures sent and visited them to make sure I had the right colour.

Kerdean flooring

The main office space needed to be carpet tiles as with the mass of space, heavy traffic and need to replace small areas when required. We discussed various options of colours and layout from block colour to faded tile. In the end, a large chevron boosted the rustic modern style required and it worked seamlessly. Seeing it all done was amazing. With the desks in place, the new spaces complete and the staff comfortable in their living work environment, a project like this is definitely one I would like to achieve again.

wood to carpet floor


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